Not everyone will need their wisdom teeth removed, but in cases where you do it is important to consider who is able to perform this type of dental surgery for you. Wisdom teeth removal can be conducted by your dentist or an oral surgeon. If you have a preferred oral surgeon you can request a referral letter from your GP or local dental clinic.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?
Wisdom teeth need to be removed from all sorts of different reasons, they can become impacted which can be quite painful to the person affected. This is due to the wisdom teeth not having enough room to move in the mouth and erupting through the gum line at a wrong angle. Leaving impacted wisdom teeth in your mouth can result in the movement of your other teeth which can lead to further dental and orthodontic work to have them straightened.

Impacted wisdom teeth can also affect speech, and as the pain often intensifies with time you may find eating and drinking becomes difficult as the nerves and gums become affected. The easiest and simplest way to relieve the pain associated with impacted wisdom teeth is to remove them.

In some instances, your wisdom teeth will erupt and not cause any issues at all, if you have had orthodontics it is often advised that you remove your wisdom teeth so as not to negatively impact the results you have had from braces and retainers. For patients with smaller gaps in their teeth or a very small jaw we would highly recommend getting wisdom teeth removed to avoid any further complications and movement to your existing teeth.

Dentist wisdom teeth removal
Dentists can remove your wisdom teeth but there is a limit to the kind of wisdom teeth removal they can perform. For starters, dentists may use a localized anesthetic to numb that part of the mouth. This leaves you awake to witness the whole operation. If you have a fear of dentist you may find it a lot more relaxing to fall asleep under anesthesia and wake up when the whole process is over.

In some severe cases, dentists may be unable to remove impacted wisdom teeth with the skills and technology and qualifications they have. This would be when they write up a referral for you to see an oral surgeon.


Oral surgeon wisdom teeth removal
Oral surgeons have a lot more experience in wisdom teeth removal and a lot more qualifications (including medicine, dentistry degrees and surgical fellowship) than dentists. This gives them a better understanding of how to deal with extreme wisdom teeth cases such as impacted wisdom teeth.

Oral surgeons can remove wisdom teeth with the use of full anesthetic so you are asleep during the whole operation. This allows for a much more positive experience for an operation that can already be quite daunting and fearful.

If you need wisdom teeth removed, are worried about your wisdom teeth or are experiencing jaw pain, please give us a call for more information on 07 3724 0319.