Orthognathic surgery is a type of oral surgery that is performed by an oral surgeon. It involves placing a patient under anesthesia then cutting and rearranging the jawbone to improve or correct its position. The surgery is usually performed if orthodontic treatments are unsuccessful or the patient’s condition can’t be treated with orthodontic methods.

Do I need orthognathic surgery?
If you are suffering from pain or discomfort due to the result of a misaligned jaw, facial injury or abnormality then orthognathic surgery will be recommended for you. This can be discussed with your doctor or dentist to determine the correct course of action at which point they may refer you to an oral surgery such as ourselves.

The whole treatment process with orthognathic surgery can take over 12 to 18 months from the time of preparation with braces to the actual surgery and recovery time. If you are having difficulty eating, breathing, closing your mouth entirely, have an abnormal amount of wear on your teeth or facial abnormalities then the process of orthognathic surgery can help relieve the discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. 

Will it improve my lifestyle?
After recovering from orthognathic surgery, you should feel that it is easier to breath, swallow, speak and chew. Your physical appearance may have changed slightly to moderately depending on the type of correction that took place. You will notice that your jaw is better aligned, you can close your mouth properly and that there is less discomfort.

Orthognathic surgery has helped many Australians with jaw and facial abnormalities live a healthier and improved lifestyle. It is easier for them to perform the simplest tasks such as chewing while removing discomfort from their day to day living. It can improve the quality of your life. Speaking to a highly reputable oral surgeon is advisable if you are looking at this kind of procedure. At Faciomax we have some of the highest skilled maxillofacial surgeons in Brisbane. 

Is it covered by Medicare?
If you prefer to have your surgery performed in a private hospital there will be no rebate for the private hospital fees. In this case, you are better off acquiring private health insurance at least 12 months before starting the process of orthognathic surgery.

For more information about orthognathic surgery please contact us on 07 3724 0319. If you are considering orthognathic surgery please ask for a referral from your doctor or dentist.