Dental Implants are the latest solution to replacing missing teeth. They involve a two-part implant including the screw, which is surgically implanted into the jawbone, and the false tooth, which is placed on top. It offers a better alternative to dentures and feels more natural once recovery is complete.

The start of cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry started in the 1900’s with more people wanting more natural smiles and a way to hide teeth that fell out. Bleaching teeth, dentures, crowns and, of course, dental implants became huge in the dental industry as they were both functional and cosmetic.
The dental implant was created to be a functional replacement for missing teeth so patients could chew and eat comfortably without the gab in their teeth getting in the way of their daily tasks. This invention was created by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon in the 1950’s and is still used as one of the preferred methods for replacing teeth today.

Technological Advancements
There have been many advancements in the process of implementing dental implants and well as the implants themselves. These advancements include the improvement of imaging technology which allows surgeons and dentists to better determine where the implant should be placed.
Advancements in surgical practices have allowed for simpler methods to be adopted making surgery easier and faster. The improvement of the design of dental implants has also allowed greater success rates through increasing the surface area of the implant where it comes into contact with the bone and therefore improving stability.

How this has changed lives
Dental implants have changed the lives of many Australians as well as other patients around the world. It allows for a more permanent solution for missing teeth. Our Brisbane dental implant surgery has performed many surgeries for patients replacing lost teeth. After surgery, they have had their lifestyle improved with the ability to eat normally without pain or discomfort.

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