Oral surgeons diagnose and correct abnormalities relating to the mouth, jaw and facial areas through oral and maxillofacial surgery. To perform these complex surgeries and procedures requires a certain type of individual and years of study and experience in dental research to gain the qualifications needed.

Physical, mental, and emotional aptitude
An oral surgeon has to accurately perform precision work in small areas of the mouth. This means they have to be focused and with a high level of concentration for long hours at a time. They also have to have the mental aptitude for the position which involves being able to handle seeing blood, muscle, bone and other bodily tissue on a regular basis.

On an emotional level, an oral surgeon should be sympathetic to their patients while also being reassuring and friendly to give the patient confidence and make them feel at ease. They should also not let their emotions cloud their judgment and must keep a level head.

Training to become an oral surgeon takes a long time with multiple stages to complete before becoming fully qualified. This involves practicing dentistry and medical procedures as well as completing multiple relevant surgeries.
It is also important for an oral surgeon to become registered as a fully qualified dentist and medical practitioner in Australia before advancing to a profession in oral surgery. They will also need additional qualifications such as training in first aid and authorisation to work with children.

Someone you can trust
George Chu is a qualified oral surgeon in Brisbane that has had extensive experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has helped many patients with their oral and facial abnormalities and has been able to improve their lifestyles and daily living.
George Chu and his team of oral surgeons are committed to continuously improving their education and training. This ensures the best practices are taken and performed to improve their procedures and outcomes.

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