Can wisdom teeth be impacted even if they haven’t broken through the gum? 

It is very common for wisdom teeth to partially break through the gum or not at all. It depends on the individual. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth can become impacted whether they have been exposed or not and it can happen for various reasons.
Wisdom teeth can become impacted if they protrude at the wrong angle or start to push other teeth out of the way. This can be due to the individual’s mouth or jaw being too small which can happen with the lower or upper jaw but it is usually the former. If this is the case then surgery may be required to correct the issue.

When should I see a dentist? 

To remove wisdom teeth you will need to see a dentist or GP. Recommendations will be determined by the symptoms you may be experiencing due to impacted wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing pain, infection, your teeth becoming misaligned or jaw pathologies due to wisdom teeth you should speak to your dentist or GP. They will be able to better assess the situation and guide you from there. 

What happens if I leave my wisdom teeth in? 

If you leave your wisdom teeth in you are exposing yourself to potential issues that can affect your mouth and health. You will possibly experience pain and infection which will probably get worse over time. Your teeth could develop gum disease in that area as well. If you allow this to happen your overall health and lifestyle could be affected and could impact on your quality of life.

If you require wisdom teeth removal please speak to your dentist about a referral. If you require more information about impacted wisdom teeth contact us on 07 3724 0319.