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Fractured Cheekbone Surgery In Brisbane

A fracture to the cheekbone does not always require intervention to heal, your surgeon will advise you upon the best treatment having reviewed your scans.

If surgery is required it will take place in a hospital, typically a small incision is made just inside the hairline, and through this the surgeon repositions the fractured bone. If the surgeon thinks that he will require additional incisions to enable attaching the plates they will be in one or more of these locations:

  1. Inside the mouth above the gum near the back teeth
  2. In the skin crease at the lower eyelid, or just inside the lower eyelid
  3. Near the outside of the eyebrow

If there is an aesthetic concern, you can discuss it with your oral surgeon before the surgery.

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Recovery from Fractured Cheekbone Surgery

You are likely to be sore after the operation, pain relief will be arranged, and antibiotics where necessary. The skin around the eyes may become bruised and swollen; you may experience some redness to the eyeball depending on the location of your fracture.

As with jaw surgery, plates will hold the cheekbone in the correct position but do not give it the full strength of a healed bone, for up to 6 weeks you will need to avoid injury to this area as it could move the cheekbone again and require more surgery. Blowing your nose on that side should be avoided for at least a month. Where there are internal mouth stitches ensure you keep the mouth clean using a good mouth wash after meals and brushing the remaining teeth but not around the wound.

Any facial incisions will produce scarring, however, the facial surgeon will place them where least noticeable and they will fade over time. X rays will be taken to confirm the position of the cheekbone after the surgery. An appointment will be made for 7-10 days after surgery to remove any non-dissolvable stitches and to check up generally on the alignment and the progress of the healing.

You will require some time off work, a week is recommended – but varies with the individual. For more information on Fractured Cheekbone Surgery in Brisbane or for a consult please ask your GP or dentist for a referral to Faciomax and book an appointment with our friendly team.

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