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A variety of procedures can be used to harvest extra bone from other parts of the body to build up extra volume and space in the area of oral surgery to achieve the desired result.

Bone is commonly taken from inside the mouth, hip, knee, ribs, cranium and cheekbones or artificial bone-like material can be placed to the area. The extra bone or bone-like material will then fuse with existing bone over several months.

This is commonly planned in conjunction with other dental surgical procedures when additional bone is required. Often extra bone is required for placement of Dental Implants, as existing bone may not be sufficient to support them.

Other uses can also include restoring continuity of the existing jaws due to trauma, pathology or orthognathic surgery.

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What Are The Benefits Of Bone Grafting?

In certain circumstances, whether it is due to medical conditions, disease or an accident, bones deteriorate over time. This can lead to fragility in the bone structure of the jaw, which may not be able to handle what your body is normally used to. This can greatly impact how a person operates with everyday tasks. Bone grafting can not only assist these people with maintaining oral health but also allow them to function more easily on a day to day basis, depending on the level of surgery required.

Bone grafting involves taking bone from other areas of the body and implanting it in the affected area to strengthen the bone structure there. It is commonly used in oral surgery to increase bone strength for dental implants or to improve poor jawbone quality.

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