Initial Patient Consultation

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Welcome New Patients

It’s a scary thought going to the dentist let alone an oral surgeon, but I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about and our friendly team will help in reassuring you from the moment you arrive.  We are available to answer any questions about oral or maxillofacial services offered and will make sure that you have ample time in your appointment to bring up any queries you have with your oral specialist.


What Do I Bring To My Consult?

Before your initial consultation, it is more than likely that you have had a visit to your dentist. If this is the case we are going to need you to bring a couple of things with you. So there is no confusion and so you can better prepare for your first visit can you please bring the following with you on the day:

  •     The letter from your family doctor (GP), Dentist or Specialist
  •     Full medical history
  •     List of current medications and allergies
  •     X-rays
  •     Laboratory or test results

Booking In My Procedure

Once we have gone over all of your x-rays and documents we will have a look at the issue first hand and make some notes and suggestions.

After we have thoroughly investigated the issue and there is no further complications we will discuss your options with you. For emergency surgical care we will endeavour to get you in as quickly as possible. We understand that mouth issues can be hugely problematic and often painful and we will do our best to ease the discomfort you are experiencing as quickly as possible.

If there is no immediate pain or emergency we will discuss all treatment options with you so you can make an informed decision, not only on the type of procedure you will undergo but also the ability to schedule it at a time that is more convenient for you.

Do You Need To Speak With An Oral Specialist?

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Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons treat a wide variety of diseases involving mouth, teeth, jaws and face. Our team of Brisbane Oral Surgeons are at the forefront of the latest surgical expertise and with our experience, we are able to provide an unparalleled excellent standard of care.

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