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Do I Need A Referral To See An Oral Surgeon?

You will need a referral letter from your Medical Practitioner, General/ Specialist Dentist, or other allied health professional.
You can bring the referral letter on the day or your health practitioner can organise it to be sent (fax/ mail) to us prior to your appointment.

Do I Need To Pay Upfront For The Surgery?

Yes, our staff will discuss this before the proposed surgery date. You will be supplied a fee estimate after the consultation and examination. The estimate will include an itemised list of the procedures which you can use to discuss with your health fund and/or Medicare regarding rebates.

Can I Have A Consultation And Treatment At The Same Time?

Both consultation and treatment often are separate appointments. It may be possible this can be combined and is dependent on the complexity of the treatment. If you require for both to be performed on the day, please contact our reception staff so your request can be taken into consideration.

Will I Need A Consultation Appointment? How Long Will It Take?

You will need a consultation even though your health practitioner has seen you. This allows our surgeons to further examine and discuss your treatment and answer any questions you may have. This normally may take up to 30 min.

How Do I Make A Claim From Medicare And My Health Fund?

Once the consultation fee is paid in full, a receipt will be issued which you use to claim from Medicare.

Once we receive your surgery payment. A receipt with all item numbers and descriptions will be issued. This is the receipt that you will need for your health fund and Medicare reimbursement. Please see our section on GUIDE TO COSTS for further details.

Do I Need To Return To See The Surgeon After Surgery?

Your surgeon would like to review the operation area to make sure it is healing well and has not become infected. Other issues may need to be discussed such as pathology results, further management options and addressing any concerns you may have.


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