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Fractured Nose

A broken nose can affect the breathing and or have an undesirable aesthetic appearance. If your fracture requires treating it will be done under a general anaesthetic.

The operation can usually be conducted without incisions; the nose bone and any cartilage out of alignment are manipulated into place.

After this is done and the alignment straightened a splint is made and attached to the nose for 1-2 weeks. If there is any bleeding from this process the nose is packed internally for 24 hrs.

An appointment to remove the splint and review the operation will be made with the surgeon either prior to your operation or prior to release from hospital. Patients will typically stay in in hospital one night post-surgery, and do not have to wait for an x-ray review before being released the next morning.

Post operatively there is likely to be some discomfort, your surgeon will arrange pain relief and in the odd case where they are needed anti-biotics. There will be a degree of swelling and bruising around the eyes, this will vary with each person and typically is worse the first few days and almost cleared by the end of the first week.

To ease pain and swelling apply cold packs to the eye area and sleep propped up for the first few days. Swelling will be almost gone after a fortnight, however residual swelling may last for several months although not noticeable unless under close attention. It is important to keep any dressings dry until removed.