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The jaw joint has cartilage between the two bones, sometimes from various causes this gets pushed out of position. This results in inflammation and pain.

Arthrocentesis flushes the jaw joint area between the bones with sterile water in an attempt to allow the cartilage to slip back into the correct position. There are two needles one pumping the water in under pressure the other removing it. It will be done under a general anaesthetic. Often the surgeon will need to do some manipulating of the jaw during the procedure to encourage the cartilage to slip back into place.

After the procedure and for several days after there will be some discomfit, and it is likely that the area around the Jaw Joint will become swollen. Your surgeon will discuss pain relief with you, typically standard over the counter variety will be enough, you can also use cold and heat packs to help with the stiffness. The jaw will be stiff for a couple of weeks often people having trouble opening them fully. Physiotherapy is recommended to further help with jaw rehabilitation and enhance the procedure. You will need to have a follow up consultation a few weeks after surgery.